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    Diamond Abrasive Products by Nushar India

    May 14, 2015

    Maximizing the Benefits of Diamond Abrasives with Nushar India!

    In general, there are various types of abrasive products that come in a variety of grades, to serve the chosen purposes. It requires adept knowledge and skills to decide the best diamond abrasive products, that comply best with the nature as well as dimension of the work piece and delivers the suitable finish one seeks to achieve.

    Unless you choose the proper abrasives, there are chances that it might leave unwanted scratch marks and deplete the diamonds, or cause it to wear away before time. This is exactly why; one must look for the experts in the industry, so as to ensure that the materials for the chosen project are in the safe hands. Nushar India, being one of the leading construction chemicals manufacturers India, has been designed to deliver only the best possible solutions, pertaining to diamond core drills bits and abrasives.

    How to make diamond abrasive products?

    The basic rule of making diamond abrasives is by adding up the fine grain diamond particles, with a base material and thus, it will turn into a solid bonding with a stable agent. There are numerous products being manufactured with the same, including diamond blades, core drills bits or cups; and, it is needless to say, that the nature or the form of abrasives being added bears the direct relationship with the overall performance of the product. This, is exactly why it is always better to trust the experts in this sector, before deciding which one you should opt, that will serve your purposes best.

    Facts about the diamond abrasives:

    In general, there are three types of bonding that are available, the metal matrix, resin bonding and the electroplated bonding:

    1.     Metal Matrix: In this type of bonding, sintering process is used to create the bond, and the diamond grains, being evenly distributed throughout the material. The metal matrix is largely popular across the globe, because of the durability and wallet-friendly nature. However, it is worth mentioning here, that the applicants of the metal matrix tends to vary in terms if hardness.

    2.      Resin Bonding: The second most popular form of bonding is by the aid of resin. Being comparatively softer in nature, the diamond grains in this case has the chance of escaping smoothly, in a faster manner. As a result, the product turns out to be sharper than the metal ones. In general, the resin bonding is used in the sectors that include accurate cutting, grinding etc.

    3.      Electroplated Items: The electroplated items are made of a nickel sheet coupled with a layer of diamond particles. The products, manufactured using this particular method, tends to be very strong cutting agents and highly abrasive, such as the cutting blades or core drills bits. Moreover, they can be plated again, involving very little cost.

    It is evident, that the diamond abrasive product, made of advanced concentration tends to be more durable in nature, with a smoother finish, compared to the others. But, the cutting speed of the later is much better, than the former ones, because of the friction. Thus, it is ideally recommended to spend some time in online research activities, in order to find out what suits you best.

    Alternatively, you may also consider the experts in the industry, such as Nushar India, who have been providing effective diamond abrasives in India to meet with the basic requirements of various industries.


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