Crack Pack Master


CRACK PACK MASTER is a combination of emulsified Multi Polymer, Co-Polymer and Cross Linked Polymers with inert materials and various additives for generating useful properties such as flexibility, adhesion, water proofing, acid resistant and alkali resistant.

CRACK PACK MASTER is a ready to use compound design to seal the crack of surfaces like walls, tanks, terrace etc. and to seal water leakage from pipe joints also.


  • Best crack filler
  • Ready to use
  • Fill up all type of crack by crack pack master


  • CRACK PACK MASTER is air drying, so after use keep it in air tight container, in cool & dry place.  
  • CRACK PACK MASTER is water soluble before cure, so always wait for Minimum 48 hrs. before use. 
  • Pot Life :  Minimum 12 Months in Sealed Tight Container. 
  • Always fill Min. 3-6 inch wide material across the crack.


Properties  Water soluble before drying. Air Drying and Single Component
Viscosity Paste
Color Light Brown
Specific Gravity (25° C) 1.034
Solid Content by Weight approximately 65.55%
Complete Curing  48 hrs @25° c
Water Absorption (after Cure) Negligible
Water Permeability (after Cure) Negligible
Adhesion Strength Excellent
Chemical / Acid Resistance (20% dilution) Excellent
Softening Point 90° C

How to use or Apply

  • Crack Filling : 
    Clean the Surface thoroughly.    Apply the CRACK PACK MASTER  thoroughly in the crack with manual pressure.     Apply CRACK PACK MASTER at least 0.75 mm to 1 mm and 3-6 inch wide across the crack as per situation.    Let it be cure for 1-2 days as per weather conditions and apply S.M.C. on the crack as per given procedure.
  • Pipe Joint :
    Reduce the glaze of the Pipe with the help of Emery paper and wash in the properly.   Apply CRACK PACK MASTER with the help of Funner Patti on the area of pipe which is to be inserted into the Joint.     Fix the pipe into the Joint & then seal it from outside as well.    Wipe the excess material & let it be cure for 1-2 days.