Diamond Core Drill Bits | Nushar India The Diamond Core Drill Bits Store


Circular Saws

(For Marbles, Lime Stones, Granites, Sand Stones,RCC, etc. )

Mono Block Segment

(For Marbles & sand Stones)

Grooving Cutters

(4mm to 16mm Segment Thickness Diameters)

Calibration Segments

(For Green Marbles, Vitrified,Porcelain etc.)


Stone Types Model No. Size Available
Granite Granite Butter 8" to 24"
Green Marble & Kota Stone Green   Butter 8" to 24"
Multi-Purpose  (Universal) Green Soft  8" to 24" 
 Multi-Purpose  (Universal) Extra Soft 8" to 24"
White Marble 21m 8" to 24"
R.C.C. Fast Cut RCC 8" to 48"

Nushar India has developed and is regularly being active in developing various special purpose

diamond cutting wheel on demand, we can also develop or design any kind of cutting tools such as groove cutting, profile cutting on difficult stones as per the requirements of our customers.