D.W.A.R. T-Coat


  • Single Component Coating .
  • Transparent Glossy Film. 
  • Dust, Water, Acid & Rust Proof. 
  • Can be applied on any Surface (Cement, Stone, Wood , Plastic, Iron etc.)
  • Can be applied by Spray/ Brush/ Cotton.
  • Washable Film.


Color Transparent
Type Liquid
 Viscosity 0.43 Pa.S
Density 0.89 gm/cc
Solid Content (By Wt.) 40%
Surface Drying Time  5-10 Min (25°C)
Complete Cure  24 hrs. @ 25°C
Coverage Depending on Porosity of Surface

Solvent Base Transparent Coat.

Acid Proof, Water Repellent, Rust Repellent, Dust Repellent.

Areas of Application

  • Fountains
  • Cladding
  • Handicrafts
  • Sandstones

How to use or Apply

  • Surface is to be totally dry & Dust/ Oil/ Grease free.
  • Apply 2-3 coats with spray, sponge or brush uniformly (wait for at least 30 minutes. after each coat.
  • Surface is ready for use.


  • Surface Should be Totally Dry & Dust/ Oil/ Grease Free.
  • Clear Your Brush, Tools or Spray Gun with N.C Thinner / Toulene  Solvent.