Master Adhesive


Master Adhesive is a combination of polymers, plasticizer and inert filler material for cladding & flooring purpose.



  • Weather Proof Adhesive
  • Execellent Adhesion
  • Ready to Use Paste
  • Low Shrinkage
  • Quick and Time Saving


Colour Off white
Viscosity Paste
Adhesion Excellent Water, heat & Acid Proof
Curing 48 hrs.@ 25°-30°C
Solubility Water Soluble (Before Cure)
Density 1.7 gm/cc
Adhesion Instant

Areas of Application

  • Cladding of exterior stone , Granite, Tiles in elevation.
  • Bathroom Tiles fitting and interior tiles or stones. 
  • Stone fitting on floors , staircase, skirting.

Important Note : "Zero level" (0 level) Plastered Surface Required. ( Adhesive not to be used more than 5mm thickness. )

How to use or Apply

  • It is a ready to use adhesive.
  • Before application ensure that the level of plastered surface should be "0" level (to reduce material consumption)
  • Clean the surface throughly & ensure dust free surface.
  • Apply Master Adhesive on Stone / Tile with iron grooved Blade, spread thoroughly over the surface.
  • Press the Stone / Tile against the application surface and apply some pressure.
  • Remove the excess material.
  • Then follow the same steps for rest of the Stone / Tile.
  • For Better results apply primer coat of Smart Master Coat on plaster surface and also on base of the Stone / Tile.
  • Wait for 48 hrs.before use.

Important Note : "Zero level" (0 level) Plastered Surface Required. ( Adhesive not to be used more than 5mm thickness. )