Old Paint Fixer


O.P.F is user & environment friendly product. Old Paint Fixture is easy to apply , which reduces the Scrubbing process of Old Paint and gives Dust free environment.


  • No Scrubbing of old Paint From Walls.
  • Freedom From Dust & Allergic Particles.
  • Bonds Old Paint with Wall
  • Can be used as glossy coat on various surfaces
  • Economical & Easy to Apply
  • Saves Time & Labor.


 Color / Appereance Translucent White 
 Type Liquid
Density 0.93 gm/cc
Surface Drying Time 30 Min (25°C)
Over Coat Time 1.5   Hrs.(25 C)
Complete Cure 24 Hrs. (25°C)
Water Absorption Neligible
Coverage 30-60 Sq.ft.
Bonding Strength Excellent