Plugger Paste

Underground Floor Treatment

  • At the lowest level in underground/ basement dig a pit (hole) and pump the water outside.
  • Clean the surface thouroughly.
  • Detect water leakage outlet points/ spots. 
  • Fill all the outlet points/ spots of leakage with Nushar's Plugger Paste.
  • Lay the WSP Powder Mix+ [WSP Powder (3): Moongia {fine/small} (2): Coarse Sand (1)] upto 1-3 inches as per the situation.
  • Place the heavy Machine Cut Stone Slabs over the treated area / surface.
  • Fill the joints between the stones with Nushar's Plugger Paste 
  • Apply 3 coats of SMART MASTER COAT (SMC)
  • Now put 2 to 6 inch layer (pV) of Mortar [Cement, Sand (Fine OR Coarse) and stone [Moongia (fine/small) / Rodi (jksM+h), by adding 15-20% SMART C.C.P MIX+ in Water. Apply 3 coats of Smart Master Coat.
  • During 3rd coat or Final Coat (In Wet condition) spread the fine sand over it (Let it cure for 8-10 Hrs.)
  • Finally lay Tiles/Stones over the floor as per your choice to complete the leak proof treatment.

Underground Wall Treatment

  • Remove entire plaster.
  • Repair all the joints/holes/cracks with the help of Nushar's Hydro Plugger Paste and to give support & strength, apply Cement Mortar over the Hydro plugger paste .
  • Get the cement mortar cured for at least 24 hrs.
  • Clean /water wash the wall Surface thoroughly.
  • After sealing of Joints/ Holes apply “SMART MASTER COAT”.
  • Process of Applying Smart Master Coat :-
    • Apply first coat SMART MASTER COAT adding 50% water in it. (as a primer coat.  Allow it to dry fully).
    • Apply second coat of pure SMART MASTER COAT. let it dry for 30-45 mins.
    • Apply third coat of pure SMART MASTER COAT. let it dry for 30-45 mins.
    • While applying the fourth and final coat, spread coarse silica sand grains over the final coat immediately. 
  • Add 15-20% of “Smart C.C.P Mix+” in to water & prepare the mortar for plastering the walls. finally plaster the walls.  
  • After curing of plaster apply 3 more coat of Smart Master Coat.

Water Proofing Treatment For Underground Floor


If this process is done exactly as suggested instructions in proper way and as per company's guide line, you will get 100% complete solution of this problem.

Please understand clearly that application method is equally important as Water proofing chemical.