Poly Shine Stone Bond


Polyshine Stone Bond GQT special is specially made user friendly, 2 components, tough bond product for stones & Tiles with strong adhesion.


Appearance Translucent Gel Like Paste
Storage Coll & Dry Place @ below 25° C
gelling Time 20-30 Min.
Curring Time 8-12 Hrs. at Room Temperature.
Hardner 150-200 Drops per 250 Gms. Resin Paste

How to use or Apply

  • Clean the surface thoroughly.
  • Take 100 gms. of Stone Bond in a bowl. Add 60-75 drops of hardner(NH-C) then mix it thoroughly.
  • Apply the mixture on the surface to be bonded with the help of iron blade.
  • Apply some pressure to the bonded surface for strong adhesion and wipe the excess material.
  • Let the bond to cure 8-12 Hrs.