Poly Shine Stone Coat


Polyshine Coat is a special polyester resin based coat to fill the stone porosity and to enhance colour & gloss of the stones.


  • 100% Water Proof
  • High Coverage
  • High Elasticity
  • High Reflectivity
  • High  Opacity
  • Anti Bacte rial
  • Stain Resistant
  • Heat Proof
  • Wash able
  • Feel Your Room More Spacy


Appearance  Transparent Viscous Liquid
State  ThickFlowableLiquid
Density  0.96 gm/cc
Storage Cool and Dry Place @ Below 25°C
Curing 8-12 Hrs. at room temperature .
Hardner (Each) 2.0%@ 25-35°C
1.5% @ 30-45°C
10%@ above 45°C

Areas of Application

To be used on all types of porous stones eg.: Sand Stones,Fossil-stones , Granites , Cement/ Concrete tiles and various types of stones, Terrazzo,Mosaic.

How to use or Apply

  • Grind the stone up to 220 mesh level.
  • Dry the stone completely.
  • Clean the surface of the stone with dry cloth so that every loose/dust particle is removed .
  • Take coat/resin in a plastic bowl, add A-1 (blue liquid) maximum 2% (depending on the climatic condition) of the coat and mix thoroughly then add C-2 (white liquid) max 2% of coat again mix well.£.
  • Pour the mixed coat on the stone slab and apply quickly with the help of iron blade (Funner patti).
  • Important point to remember is that the coat should be used with in 3-5 min after mixing all the components to avoid pre-gelling= wastage.
  • Let the coat cure for 8-12 hrs.
  • Remove the excess coating by grinding with 320 no. (Resin bond abrasive) ensure that the coat is removed. (Do not grind excessively to avoid removal of coat from pores.)
  • To obtain mirror like polish,follow all steps of honing and polishing as recommended in the DiamondAbrasives Page.


Don't Put A-1 & C-2 at the same time to avoid fire accident.