Proseal TC


Proseal – TC, Protective Sealant Transparent water proofing chemical. PTC is weather proof sealant chemical. PTC is light milky liquid, which turns transparent after curing. PTC enters into fine pores of surface and seals them. It makes a thin transparent film with 3 coats and protects the surface from weather  attacks.


  • 100% water proofing transparent chemical coat.
  • No change in appearance of the original surface.
  • Protects and increases the life of the treated surface.
  • High penetration due to low surface tension.
  • Air drying and single component material.
  • Anti fungal and eco-friendly (aqua base).


Colour / Appearance ranslucent  White
Type Liquid  
Density 0.94 gm/cc
Surface Drying Time 20 Min (250C)
Over Coat Time 30 Min (250C)
Complete Cure 24 hrs. (250C)
Coverage 40-60 Sq. ft. per  lit.
Properties     Water Proof ,Acid Rain Proof, Anti Bacterial Coat

How to use or Apply

  • Clean thoroughly with water to remove dust / soil and 
  • any other loose particle from the surface. 
  • Wipe out the  water before application. 
  • Wait for surface to dry. 
  • Apply 2 to 3 coats with brush or spray uniformly (Wait for at  least 30 min. after each coat) 
  • Surface is ready to use after few hours

Where to use

  • All types of sandstones, slates, brick work, concrete, Wood, marble, granites, lime stones, cast stones etc.
  • Apply on backside of stones before laying on floor to avoid seepage spots.