Stone Dyeing Agent

General Specification

Type Liquid
Viscosity 16.23 Sec
Color Plain, P. Red, Brown Red, Jaisalmer Yellow, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Black, Rose Pink
Coverage 800-1200 Sq. ft. {Depending upon the Porosity of the Surface}

Introduction to the Product

  • To be applied on Polished Surface to enhance the color & Gloss of the Surface
  • Plain Liquid is used for all types of stones and appliances
  • Colored liquid is available for specific Colored Stones
  • Liquid Polish is the combination of the polymer and Wax Based Liquid

Application Process

  • Shake well before use this on the Surface
  • Clean the Surface and dry it properly
  • Take a piece of Cotton Cloth/ Jute or Sponge
  • Wet some of the portion of the piece with the liquid. Apply a thin layer on the surface and wait for  5-7 min. to dry
  • During Drying process plasticizing takes place
  • When surface gets Dry, Buff the Surface with the clean cotton cloth or buff machine till the upper layer from the surface is removed completely
  • For more better results, Dry the liquid up to 30 min. and make use of Saw Dust and Buff Pads attached to floor Grinding Machine