Stone Xtra Dura Deep


Stone-X is a new age nano Poly-waxcryl, which enters into the Micro Pores & increases deepness and grace protecting the stone surface for longer life. It Makes Stone Water-proof After Coating.


Appearance Translucent Liquid
Viscosity 14.15 Pa/Sec
 Density 0.81 gm/cc
 Solid Content  7.25%
Odour Pleasant
Storage Cool & Dry Place @ 20-25°C
Coverage 800-1000 Sq. Ft. I Ltr.
Application Area On all types of Stones/tiles (Artificial and Natural)     

How to use or Apply

  • Take a piece of cotton cloth/ Jute/ sponge, Shake the liquid in the container and wet the cloth with stone xtra dura deep. Apply on the polished surface of the stone.
  • Let the applied surface dry up to 5 Min .
  • Buff the surface with Buffing Machine .
  • Get high glossy, laminate -like film with deep colour.


  • For  better  result  use  grinder  like buff machine & Saw dust.
  • In this case let the Stone xtra dura deep to dry upto 15-30 mins.
  • Sprinkle saw dust (fine) over the surface.
  • Buff the surface using woollen pad attached on buff machine .